AI-Powered Video Safety


DriveTrust’s AI Dual Dash Camera is a modular build camera optimized for detection of objects from and within moving vehicles (cars, trucks, trains). Due to its modularity and powerful processing capabilities, it can detect a variety of different objects and behaviours in different scenarios, for example:

  • drowsiness and distraction in drivers
  • different types of objects in front of vehicles: people, snow on roads, blocked rails
  • distance estimation for detection of tailgating
  • usage of build-in accelerometer and GNSS for geofencing, aggressiveness, speeding and road anomalies detection

The main advantage of using the DriveTrust camera is that the processing of the video happens in real-time on the device and that no video upload is required. Therefore real-time warnings are possible in areas with little or no mobile network coverage.



The DriveTrust Score is calculated based on five different profiles, the generic, aggressiveness, drifting, tailgating and reaction profile. We use the combination of different types of data to calculate each of the profiles. The generic and aggressiveness profile can be calculated from GNSS and IMU, which is already possible with many different types of solutions. The innovation of DriveTrust is in the drifting, tailgating and reaction profile, where we combine the data from the camera and real-time object detection with the GNSS and IMU to more precisely assess the driver’s capabilities. Each profile and metric is carefully designed with the help of our car insurance partners.  More precise information on the DriveTrust Score calculation can be found here.


Introducing RailEyes: the future of eco-friendly and efficient rail management. Developed in collaboration with European railway giants, RailEyes is not just another tech solution. It’s a blend of precision, efficiency, and a commitment to sustainable choices.

Why RailEyes?

  • Precision: Our onboard camera system identifies specific maintenance needs, ensuring only necessary interventions. This means less tree cutting and more targeted action.
  • Efficiency: Say goodbye to manual, vehicle-based inspections. RailEyes minimizes emissions, making railway maintenance not only efficient but also environmentally considerate.
  • Sustainability: We’re committed to a greener future. RailEyes minimizes herbicide usage, promoting a healthier track environment while ensuring safety.

Our proprietary AI models as part of RailEyes suite of solutions providing semantic understanding in real-time.

Key Features

  • Vegetation Management: Beyond aesthetics, vegetation is a significant operational concern in railways. RailEyes offers comprehensive vegetation mapping and detection, addressing challenges like falling leaves, fallen trees, and branches.
  • Eco-Conscious Solutions: With RailEyes, we can ensure safe, efficient, and sustainable rail operations without skyrocketing OPEX and CAPEX.
  • Herbicides: RailEyes reduces the environmental impact of vegetation maintenance, making railways safer and more sustainable via allowing higher precision in herbicide application.
  • Integrated Dashboard: Monitor, review, and analyze in one place. Our user-friendly dashboard offers real-time tracking, data analytics, and maintenance suggestions.

RailEyes resembles a dash camera for a train but powered with cutting-edge hybdrid AI techniques and cloud technology. It’s designed to elevate the landscape of infrastructure inspection and maintenance, championing sustainability, and offering a competitive price point.

Discover the extended capabilities of RailEyes and witness the future of eco-friendly and efficient rail management. Dive into the captivating world of AI-driven railway infrastructure inspection.