7 Tips on being the perfect car passenger !

Home 7 Tips on being the perfect car passenger !

Unlike what you might think, you don’t become a passenger in a car once you’re sitting inside, but as soon as you open the door to sit down. Even if the passenger is under the responsibility of the driver, he has duties to fulfill.

1. Make sure that all interactions with the driver are considerate and not distracting. 

2. Don’t talk too loudly or putting music on the radio too loud it can distract the driver and possibly cause an accident.

3. Be cautious – wear your seat belt.

Reminder: The non-wearing of the seat belt for a passenger is punishable by a penalty of 135 euros. If the offender is of legal age, he/she will have to pay the fine; for an underage person, the driver will pay (with no points deducted).

4. Don’t wait for the driver to tell you to put it on or refuse to put it on when asked.

5. Don’t stress the driver by starting arguments or giving advice on how to driver

6. Co-pilot with respect and consideration. Warn the driver when navigating on the road, however, make sure that you do not warn the driver about unnecessary things. Your warning might take away attention from actually more important events on the road.

7. The entry and exit of a passenger must be done in optimal safety conditions. The greatest care must, therefore, be taken when opening the door so as not to obstruct traffic on the road.

Even if the driver has the most responsibility, the passenger also has a part to play when it comes to safety in the car: making sure that the driver is in the best conditions for a safe and enjoyable journey!