Preventing distractions while driving

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Driving is a serious responsibility that requires skills of perception, analysis, movement, reaction as well as your full attention. Distractions can occur at anytime, anywhere and everywhere.

A distraction is something that takes your mind away from driving. There are four sources of distraction that are potentially disturbing to the driver:

auditive distraction: attention is turned away by what you hear

visual distraction: attention is drawn away by what you see

physical distraction: attention is focused on what you do

Source : Giphy)

cognitive distraction: attention is distracted by thoughts

How to avoid distractions while driving?

  • Place your GPS as close as possible to your field of vision (without obstructing your visibility on the road). Enter your itinerary information before you leave. Learning on how to just use the navigate by listening to the voice of the navigation rather than looking may as well help you to not get distracted
  • Avoid talking or sending text messages on your mobile phone while driving. If you really have a need for sending texts or talking on the phone while driving, there are quite a few ways how you can integrate speech recognition/voice control into your existing car.
  • Do not read while driving. When you need to read or use a map, leave the road.
  • Avoid taking your coat or changing clothes while driving.
  • Make-up, comb hair and/or beard before leaving home or at the office. These things should never be done while driving.
  • Avoid eating or drinking while driving.
  • Listen to music at a reasonable volume. And to reasonable music. Listening to Rammstein’s “Feuer Frei” will more likely make you speed rather than Bob Marley’s “Could you be loved” Listening to music too loud or using headphones or earplugs while driving can be disruptive and can affect your ability to hear emergency vehicles sharing the road with you.
  • Do not light or extinguish cigarettes or deal with ashes that fall while you are driving.

The most important to remember is never multi-tasking while driving!